Our cat Coco has very long fur and for anyone with a long haired cat, you know that maintaining the fur on a long haired cat can be challenging. Our discovery of Calling All Cats has been wonderful. Coco loves being able to go from the front door straight into the mobile salon to enjoy a luxurious bath and grooming session. We love the convenience of not having to drive Coco around town. After Coco’s first spa visit with Calling All Cats she strutted around the living room with the attitude of, “I’m too sexy for my fur”…it was awesome!

Tracy Cochrane Lindsey


One Response to “I’m too sexy for my fur”

  1. Kelly says:

    Gatita, our himalayan, looked great! So impressed! She didn’t come back in the house stressed out at all. Will be scheduling again in a couple of months. Our other cat, Honey, will be groomed next time also. Thanks!

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