When it comes to providing unique services for cats, a savvy business person must think “outside the box.” And that’s exactly what Kim Burress did when she created “Calling All Cats,” a mobile pet-grooming service exclusively for those of the feline persuasion.

“There are a number of pet grooming establishments in the Asheville-Hendersonville area; however, none are feline exclusive,” says Kim. I offer a range of mobile cat grooming services—from bathing to full makeovers—in a gentle, relaxing atmosphere, and my clients never leave the comfort of their own yard.”

She’s a one-woman show I witnessed for myself. Though she whispers calming words into tufted ears, she otherwise performs her magic unassisted and without sedation. It’s quite a feat for a woman who’s been in business less than a year and whose previous experience was grooming greenery.

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2 Responses to At Last… the Purrfectly Coifed Cat

  1. Karine Richardson says:

    Best experience ever! Our big boy , with overflowing fur and fear of everything left in the caring, safe hands of Kim and came back a new kitty. He felt so good shedding off all those layers of fluff and mats that he strutted around the house for days. I can’t thank Kim enough for the wonderful service she provides. If you have cats, you have to try Kim!!

  2. Tina says:

    The service that is provided allows us to have our cat groomed without terrorizing her. She does not have to travel anywhere, they come to us and groom her in the comfort of proximity. Kim is very professional and does a fantastic job.

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