This is the purrfect treatment for cat owners who want to reduce the amount of cat hair that is found around the home, on clothes and on the furniture. It can also reduce the amount of hair that is ingested by your cat.

A full coat groom is recommended prior to the deshedding treatment. A Rake-n-Vac tool is used to thin out the dead and loose undercoat hair while preserving the outer hairs.If you want to see a reduction in the amount of cat hair found around your home, consider this treatment for you and your cat.


When it comes to providing unique services for cats, a savvy business person must think “outside the box.” And that’s exactly what Kim Burress did when she created “Calling All Cats,” a mobile pet-grooming service exclusively for those of the feline persuasion.

“There are a number of pet grooming establishments in the Asheville-Hendersonville area; however, none are feline exclusive,” says Kim. I offer a range of mobile cat grooming services—from bathing to full makeovers—in a gentle, relaxing atmosphere, and my clients never leave the comfort of their own yard.”

She’s a one-woman show I witnessed for myself. Though she whispers calming words into tufted ears, she otherwise performs her magic unassisted and without sedation. It’s quite a feat for a woman who’s been in business less than a year and whose previous experience was grooming greenery.

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Our cat Coco has very long fur and for anyone with a long haired cat, you know that maintaining the fur on a long haired cat can be challenging. Our discovery of Calling All Cats has been wonderful. Coco loves being able to go from the front door straight into the mobile salon to enjoy a luxurious bath and grooming session. We love the convenience of not having to drive Coco around town. After Coco’s first spa visit with Calling All Cats she strutted around the living room with the attitude of, “I’m too sexy for my fur”…it was awesome!

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