You groom cats?

“You groom cats? You mean you actually give them a bath? You must be out of your mind!”

Yes, I am a groomer of cats.
I have battle scars to prove it and I love my job immensely!

Cats are greasy. It’s a fact. Cats also shed. Natural shedding takes place throughout the year. As the hair sheds, the greasiness of it causes it to stick together in a tangle. This tangle is small at first, but soon becomes a mat.

It is my job to remove the grease and mats from the hair. Keeping the grease away with a good bath, blow dry and comb out will do wonders for your cat. Shedding and hairballs can be significantly lessened if your cat is groomed regularly. Besides coat care, we also throughly clean your cat’s ears and eyes and clip all nails. We also keep a sharp eye out for signs of fleas, ear mites and other feline related issues.

If you have a long haired breed, you may want to take advantage of such options as a belly shave, lion cut or comb cut. All of these options will help tremendously in making your life and your cat’s life cleaner, neater and more managable. Having a happy, professionally groomed cat can make all the difference for you.